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3 Things to Prepare before Having Dog

Dogs become one of the pets that quite a lot of devotees. This one animal can be a good friend and house keeper because of his intelligence as well as his loyalty to his employer. Any desire to adopt a dog? If true, there are many things that must be prepared before the dog, three of them:

Ability to care for and train dogs

It is good to learn first how to properly care for a dog before adopting it. In the hope that the dog will be able to grow healthy and do not have a negative impact on health. Below is a step to take care of the dog that you can later use:

  • Giving the right food. Give food to the pet dog according to his age. Now a lot of packaged dog food with a complete nutritional content that can be considered. It is not advisable to give raw meat to dogs because they are afraid of contracting bacteria and viruses that can later be transmitted to you. Giving chocolate was not at all advisable because it can lead to dogs being poisoned
  • Bathe regularly. So that dogs are always comfortably touched and prevent it from skin diseases, regular bathing with a special shampoo. As for the tips to bathe the dog to be calm is while giving a snack or toy, wet his body gradually with a small water pressure, and give praise.
  • Takes sports. Not only humans who need exercise, pets including dogs also require exercise to stay healthy as well as to train breathing. Walk around the park, swim, or jump rope into some kind of sport you can do with the dog.
  • Vaccination should also be done to pet dogs so that their body is more immune to viruses and bacteria that trigger the disease that can be transmitted to you through touch, lick, bite, or other.

How to train a dog you also need to master the dog to be a pet that has a friendly character, obedient, and not aggressive. In this case, you can learn to train dogs to have good character with the help of puppy training Singapore. If you do not have much time, you can ask a professional trainer to come home.

Dog dwelling

In addition to the ability to care for and train, you should also prepare a dog’s residence before adopting it. Be sure to prepare a dog-sized enclosure to be adopted. Do not get too small because it will make him feel uncomfortable. Be sure to always maintain the cleanliness of the cage so that they do not have a negative impact on their health. It should be understood that pet dogs should not always be locked in a cage. Pet dogs also need a large enough outdoor space to play so as not to stress. You can enable the front or back of the home for a place with its playground equipment.


If you want to keep a dog means you have to prepare a fee that is not small. How not, you should buy food for dogs regularly in order to grow healthy, vaccinating to inhibit the growth of viruses & bacteria trigger disease, bringing treatment when the disease, even have to leave it to day care at a reasonable rate when you have to travel because usually pets are not allowed to enter the hotel for the convenience of other hotel visitors.

If everything is well prepared, the next step is to choose the type of dog that is most appropriate to maintain. In this case, you can be tailored to your purpose to keep the dog. If to be friends, can choose Chihuahua dog, Pomeranian, or other. If indeed for the house keeper, can choose Bullmastiff, Akita, etc..